Make Employment Happen

Not all job seekers have the same needs or face the same barriers. Platform to Employment (P2E) creates a pathway to opportunity for job seekers. The program is a nationally recognized solution, helping the long-term unemployed get back to work.  For employers, P2E gives businesses a risk-free opportunity to evaluate and consider hiring participants during a trial work experience.

The foundation of Platform to Employment is a five-week preparatory program for job seekers which includes skills assessments, career readiness workshops, employee assistance programs and more. Career coaches work with participants to leverage their professional experience and to develop effective job search strategies. Upon completion, P2E helps participants find open positions at local companies and offers a trial work experience.

The trial work experience becomes an extended interview where there is no risk to the employer and participants are given an opportunity to demonstrate they can do the job. The expectation is that if the company is satisfied with the performance of the candidate, a full-time job will ensue.

Why P2E Is Needed

The long-term unemployed come from all walks of life, representing all age groups, educational attainment and communities. But, as a group they face very similar challenges to finding a job. 

Additionally, after months of unemployment, individuals experience distinct stresses. Their savings have been spent to cover daily expenses. They may face foreclosure and loss of housing. Many feel disconnected from their careers, social networks and become depressed. It is not uncommon to lose confidence and experience strained relationships with family members.

Platform to Employment empowers individuals, fosters self-sufficiency and focuses on performance improvements with measurable outcomes. P2E helps participants discover their true potential while providing employers flexible and highly trained workers who can think critically, act independently and work in teams!

Enabling Employment...Facilitating Success

Platform to Employment helps restore careers, dignity and provides skilled workers to employers who do not have time and resources to find talent. The preparatory program helps participants take action to fully realize their personal and professional potential. They develop new strategies for solving problems and create positive change in themselves.

Platform to Employment incorporates a proven curriculum of self-assessment, change management, effective communication and successful job search strategies. Graduates from the program are confident, motivated and ready to work.

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